We can help with life’s little (and not so little) problems. Whether you are having trouble at home, at school, with friends, or with life, the Student Center staff can help you overcome barriers and find peace.
We offer a full gamut of of indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to pique your interest – Everything from video games to board games, virtual reality to pool and ping pong. We also offer games and tournaments throughout the year, so grab some friends and come on down! *Due to COVID restrictions, after school recreation is limited to 20 students. Click the icon to register. Registration IS REQUIRED for entry*
We work cooperatively with many local agencies to arrange for additional support for students and their families. One of the most utilized organizations is the local food pantry, who donate snacks and weekend bags to students in need. Click the icon above to see a list of local resources.
The Student Center offers a number of groups that allow you to get together with like-minded students and express your needs, challenges, and successes. Click the icon to learn more and sign up for our groups.