The student center currently offers free counseling, including individual, group, family therapy, psychiatric support services and a dental and optical program.  Any parent wishing for their student to obtain services need only call us at 973-383- 6700  x 329 to set this up. A signed consent form is required prior to engaging your student in the counseling process. The therapist will send it home to you and begin counseling once the completed consent form is returned. There are times when we experience a waiting list. Be assured your student will receive services as soon as possible. If there is a crisis, please let us know so that we can expedite your request. At times students are referred to us by their friends or by a teacher who is concerned. If this is the case, a therapist will contact you to determine if you wish your student be provided with counseling. You have the right to refuse or to seek counseling elsewhere.

A variety of educational and therapeutic groups are available at the Student Center they include:  Anger Management,  Relationships, “Journey’s, Substance/addictions related  support groups. We also offer Peer Leadership which includes Peer Mentoring, and Pass-It-Along.

The Student Center’s other predominant feature is its recreational program. Opening at 7:00 AM, students can come in to play any number of games in a supervised setting. We are available again for recreation during their lunch breaks and after school until 5:00 PM when students are escorted across the street to catch the late buses.