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For those of you who don’t know, the Student Center is a great place to do lots of things! We have a room full of activities including XBOX, POOL, PING PONG, VIRTUAL REALITY , FOOSBALL,  BOARD GAMES, MAGAZINES, a Wii, darts, basketball and outside activities as weather permits.  We offer periodic trips, some earned and some just for fun. We also sponsor an occasional contest and have monthly Games/Tournaments. Our pool tournament is our most popular.   We are the only school in Sussex County with a beach volleyball court.

We are open in the morning from 7:00 until homeroom, at lunch (when the Student Center Staff comes to get you), and after school until 5:15. Come and hang out! Your social life will be happy you did!

We are also a cool place to get help with life’s little (and not so little) problems. Having problems with mom or dad? Troubled relationship? Lonely? Low self esteem? Depressed? Thinking about having sex and need some answers? Ever feel suicidal or know someone who does? How about drugs or alcohol…someone in your family using or maybe you’re starting to and are afraid you might have a problem. What if you’re pregnant? Think a friend may have an eating disorder? Get into trouble a lot or hanging out with the “wrong crowd”?

If these questions or any others have ever troubled you, the Student Center staff can help you get answers. We have 5 therapists available to assist you. All information is confidential (with a few exceptions). Please ask a counselor to explain your rights. They’ll be glad to…you’ll be glad you did!

A variety of educational and therapeutic groups are available at the Student Center they include: Anger Management, Relationships group, Grieving Group, “Journey’s” (for students having difficulty socializing), Substance/Addictions support group (whether for you or because a family member uses),Wellness Group, Peer Leadership Group which also includes Peer Mentoring, Peer Mediation, Pass-It-Along and our annual Battle of the Bands fundraiser. We also host a very active Gay, Straight Alliance every other Friday during your lunch period. GSA is a great way to meet other like-minded teens who care about the issues of their peers.

We’re available during school hours and can be reached at 973 579-7725.  See our Staff page and find our extensions there.

Maybe you can convince your teachers to bring you over because you’re such a good class and you deserve a reward! Convince your friends to come over and challenge them to a game of pool (you know you’ll win).  How about trying Karaoke or Guitar Hero? Convince yourself to come over and work out that problem you’ve been having. The best part about all of this is that it’s FREE! That’s right, FREE, FREE, FREE! Stop by, let us tell you more!